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  Odzun is in hori region. It is one of the biggest villages of region. It is a real place to enjoy the innate beauty and fresh air of north Armenia. At present time village is making progress and it is presented with many sights and with a boarding-house.
  One of the sights is the church in Odzun which was built in VI century. It is said that it was rebuilt in VIII centuty by Hovan Odznetsi.
  Odzun is adjacent to Alaverdi, Sanahin and Haghpat, which are famous due to their sights and churches.
  Alaverdi is not a big town, there are many sights there: the most striking is the stone bridge which was by the queen Vaneni (in 1195). The bridge is built with big dark blue basaltic stones. There are high-relief tigers on the walls.
  Alavaerdi is divided into two parts. The two parts are connected by the roapway.
  The churc in Sanahin was built by Ashot G Voghormats in 966. It is 21 km far from Odzun.
  The church in Haghpat was built in 976 by Ashot G Bagratuni. It is 26 km far from Odzun.

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